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People Powered Money: everything you need to know to set up a community currency

May 21, 2015 | News

(22 May 2015) – The New Economics Foundation has released the first how-to guide on creating a community currency. ‘People Powered Money’ was produced within the CCIA project for which AEIDL was a public relations partner.

Money holds many mysteries. Where does it come from? How did it evolve? Who creates it and controls it? Why do we never seem to have enough?

The book draws on findings from CCIA, a four-year-long transnational project looking at several examples of community currencies across Europe.

As well as the specifics of currency design, the book outlines a set of principles which can be adapted and used by different communities, and to strengthen the evidence base for building on these ideas. People Powered Money helps to unravel the mysteries behind our every-day understanding of money to provide practitioners and policy-makers alike with the currency innovation advice and tools needed to successfully re-engineer money.

Covering everything from currency design to project management, People Powered Money is available for free in paper and digital formats from the New Economics Foundation website.

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