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Personal transfers: Amounts sent to non-EU countries by EU residents up

Nov 15, 2018 | News

(15 November 2018) – In 2017, flows of money sent by residents of the European Union to non-EU countries, referred to as personal transfers, amounted to €32.7 billion, compared with €31.8 bn in 2016.

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The outflows of personal transfers in 2017 were highest from France (€10.6 bn), followed by Spain (€7.3 bn), the United Kingdom (€6.8 bn) and Italy (€6.1 bn).

In contrast, the highest inflows were recorded in Portugal (€3.6 bn), ahead of Poland (€3.1 bn), Romania (€2.8 bn) and the United Kingdom (€2.3 bn).

As a result, the largest surpluses in personal transfers were registered in 2017 in Portugal (+€3.0 bn), Poland (+€2.8 bn) and Romania (+€2.6 bn), while France (-€10.1 bn) recorded by far the largest deficit, followed by Germany (-€4.6 bn), the United Kingdom (-€4.5 bn) and Italy (-€4.0 bn).

Extra-EU personal transfers were mostly directed to Asia (20% of total extra-EU outflows), followed by North Africa (19%), South America, Central and South Africa (both 14%) and non-EU European countries (13%).

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