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Pregnant women, children and survivors of torture abandoned in Greek camps

Jan 10, 2019 | News

(09 January 2019) – Hundreds of pregnant women, unaccompanied children and survivors of torture are being abandoned in refugee camps on the Greek islands, an Oxfam report revealed today.

© Giorgos Moutafis / Oxfam

It details how the system to identify and protect the most vulnerable people has broken down due to chronic understaffing and flawed processes.

For much of the last year there has been just one government-appointed doctor in Lesvos who was responsible for screening as many as 2,000 people arriving each month. In November, there was no doctor at all so there were no medical screenings happening to identify the most vulnerable people.

The report ‘Vulnerable and abandoned‘ includes accounts of mothers being sent away from hospital to live in a tent as early as four days after giving birth by Caesarean section. It tells of survivors of sexual violence and other traumas living in a camp where fights break out regularly and where two thirds of residents say they never feel safe.

Hundreds of vulnerable people are being lumped together to live in the EU ‘hotspot’ camp of Moria which is at twice its capacity.

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