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Price levels: almost one to three across the EU Member States

Jun 16, 2017 | News

(15 June 2017) – In 2016, price levels for consumer goods and services differed widely in the European Union. They varied by almost one to three between the cheapest and the most expensive Member State.

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Denmark (139% of the EU average) had the highest price level, followed by Ireland (125%), Luxembourg and Sweden (both 124%), Finland and the United Kingdom (both 121%).

At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest price level was found in Bulgaria (48%), while Poland (53%) and Romania (52%) were just above 50% the average.

Consumer electronics is a group of products where prices differed less among Member States, ranging from 86% of the average in Poland to 115% in Denmark.

Clothing is another group of products showing a smaller price disparity among Member States, with Bulgaria (81% of the average) cheapest and Sweden (136%) most expensive.

With the noticeable exception of Denmark (146% of the average), price differences among Member States were also limited for personal transport equipment, from 78% in the Czech Republic to 119% in the Netherlands.

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