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Protecting the environment and climate is important for over 90% of European citizens

Mar 4, 2020 | News

(03 March 2020) – The Eurobarometer survey published today reveals that citizens want more to be done to protect the environment.

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According to the survey, 94% of citizens in all EU Member States say that protecting the environment is important to them. In addition, 91% of citizens stated that climate change is a serious problem in the EU. European legislation is necessary to protect the environment, according to 83% of those surveyed.

Climate change, air pollution and waste are the three most important environmental issues according to the findings of the survey. The interviewed citizens considered that the most effective ways of tackling environmental problems are ‘changing the way we consume’ and ‘changing the way we produce and trade’.

They also said responsibility should be shared by big companies and industry, national governments and the EU, as well as citizens themselves.

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