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Quality of life in European cities

Oct 8, 2013 | News

(08 October 2013) – The European Commission has today released the results of the 3-yearly Eurobarometer survey on the “Perception of Quality of Life in European Cities”. 41 000 urban dwellers in 79 cities rated their satisfaction with various aspects of urban life, in particular public services.

As in 2009, healthcare, employment, education and training are the issues most people want their cities to deal with above all. The survey suggests citizens in most European cities feel finding a job is hard. Only in 9 cities did a majority of citizens say it is easy to find employment.

In 50 cities, at least one person in two disagrees that it is easy to find good housing at a reasonable price. The survey also records a low satisfaction with schools and educational institutions in many capitals.

On a more positive note the survey finds that in all but 5 of the cities surveyed, a majority of the respondents agree with the statement that the presence of foreigners is good for the city and that foreigners are well integrated.

High satisfaction with public spaces, green areas, cleanliness and feeling safe seems closely linked with the overall satisfaction felt by people about in their city. When asked if they are “satisfied” living in their own cities, a majority – at least 80% in 71 cities – said they were.

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