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Refugee migration, a crisis for the Nordic model?

May 12, 2016 | News

(12 May 2016) – A policy paper published by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation analyses how the refugee situation may impact the Nordic model, and the challenges refugees can expect to face in the Nordic labour mar¬kets.


The influx of refugees has been subject of particular attention also in the Nordic countries. Issues involve the consequences for the individual welfare states as well as effects on the Nordic model in general.

What are the critical factors within each of the model’s pillars and in the interplay between them? What principles and considerations should be taken into ac¬count to deal with the situation in a way that does not undermine the model’s mechanisms, principles and long-term sustainability?

The challenge to integrate newly arrived refugees both in the society and in the labour market by clearing competence mismatches can also help to develop general education policies. Also, the current refugee-situation may contribute to a strengthened cooperation between the Nordics.

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