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Regional GDP per capita: seven capital regions among the ten most prosperous

May 21, 2015 | News

(21 May 2015) – In 2013, regional GDP per capita ranged from 27% of the EU28 average in the French overseas department of Mayotte, to 325% of the average in Inner London in the United Kingdom.

The leading regions in the ranking of regional GDP per capita in 2013, after Inner London in the UK (325% of the average), were the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (258%), Brussels in Belgium (207%), Hamburg in Germany (195%), Groningen in the Netherlands (187%), Bratislava in Slovakia (184%), Stockholm in Sweden (179%), Île-de-France in France (175%) and Prague in the Czech Republic (173%).

After Mayotte in France (27%), the lowest regions in the ranking were all in Bulgaria and Romania: Severozapaden (30%), Severen tsentralen (31%) and Yuzhen tsentralen (32%) in Bulgaria and Nord-Est in Romania (34%).

It should be noted, however, that in some regions the GDP per capita figures can be significantly influenced by commuter flows. Net commuter inflows in these regions push up production to a level that could not be achieved by the resident active population on its own. There is a corresponding effect in regions with commuter outflows.

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