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Relocation and resettlement of refugees: EU Member States urgently need to deliver

Mar 16, 2016 | News

(16 March 2016) – The Commission is reporting today on the implementation of the temporary emergency relocation schemes and the European resettlement scheme for asylum seekers.

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With 937 asylum applicants relocated from Greece and Italy as of 15 March, the pace of transfers is unsatisfactory, even if there are now the first signs of a more positive trend.

In order to meet the commitments allocated so far under the relocation scheme, around 5,600 relocations per month should be achieved as a minimum, implying a relocation procedure of a maximum period of two weeks.

Based on this assessment, the Commission calls for at least 6,000 relocations to be completed by the time of the next monthly report. In view of the emergency situation on the ground, it then calls for a stepping up of the rate so that by the time of the third monthly report in May, at least 20,000 relocations should have been completed.

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