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Rising inequality in Germany

May 8, 2019 | News

(08 May 2019) – With falling unemployment, increased exports and comparatively stable growth rates. Germany’s statistics paint a positive picture. But many Germans have been left behind.

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The gap between rich and poor regions keeps widening. This is the main message of the new Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung study entitled ‘Ungleiches Deutschland’ (Unequal Germany). While several cities and districts are booming, other regions are being left behind.

This applies primarily to eastern Germany, but also to metropolitan regions in the west, which have been facing major problems because of the structural change in industry. But the report warns that the increasing risk of poverty is also affecting successful cities.

Although unemployment has seen a steady decline since 2005 – from 3.4% ten years ago to 2.3% today, this has not stopped the gap between rich and poor from widening further. This is because costs of living and rents have been sharply increasing.

Employment is also becoming precarious with atypical forms of employment and low salaries. (EurActiv)

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