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Roma integration: EU Member States can do better

Jun 18, 2015 | News

(18 June 2015) – This year the annually published Commission report on Roma Integration shows that Member States continue to make progress in regards to Roma integration, but that further efforts are necessary.

Since the European Commission put Roma integration on the European political agenda in 2011, progress has been achieved in the following areas:

  • Member States have strengthened the financial support for the most disadvantaged groups, including Roma, for the 2014-2020 period.
  • National strategies are increasingly translated into local action plans, and the National Roma Contact Points are more closely involved in making the best use of EU funds.
  • Many Member States have improved monitoring and reporting mechanisms at national and European level.

There are however many worrying developments that require further action from Member States:

  • There is a worrying rise in anti-Gypsyism, hate speech and hate crime.
  • More cooperation with civil society and local authorities is needed.

The Commission’s report calls on Member States to build upon these first steps by setting up national Roma platforms, stepping up efforts to fight against discrimination and segregation, and scaling up successful and proven practices.

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