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Rule of law deteriorates in over half the world

Oct 18, 2021 | News

(18 October 2021) – The World Justice Project (WJP) has released the 2021 edition of the annual Rule of Law Index, which evaluates 139 countries and jurisdiction areas.


The latest index demonstrates multi-year negative trends in the rule of law, some of which have been aggravated by the pandemic.

The annual Rule of Law Index relies on national surveys of 138,000 households and 4,200 legal practitioners and experts worldwide, assessing countries’ performance with 44 indicators across eight categories.

The report shows that more countries declined than improved in overall rule of law performance for the fourth consecutive year, with 95 countries experiencing decline and just 33 improvements.

The countries which declined make up 84.7% of the world’s population, or roughly 6.5 billion people. (Euractiv)

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