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Schengen Area: new priorities

May 24, 2022 | News

(24 May 2022) – Today, the European Commission is presenting the State of Schengen Report 2022 and sets new priorities and a ‘new governance model’.

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This is the first time the Commission is presenting such report, following last year’s Schengen Strategy.

The report sets a list of priority actions for 2022-2023 that are to be addressed at both national and European level such as:

• implementing the new IT architecture and interoperability for border management,

• making full use of cross-border cooperation tools,

• ensuring systematic checks at the external borders of all travellers,

• ensuring that Frontex reaches the full potential of its mandate,

• lifting all long-lasting internal border controls, and

• adopting the revised Schengen Borders Code.

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