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Social Europe 2010-2017: no progress made

Aug 14, 2017 | News

(14 August 2017) – The EU has not made any progress towards achieving its ‘Europe 2020’ social inclusion target, adopted in 2010, of lifting at least 20 million people from poverty and social exclusion by 2020.

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The 2017 edition of the book, ‘Monitoring social inclusion in Europe’, published by Eurostat, aims to contribute to our understanding of some of the substantive challenges facing ‘Social Europe’ and to the development of methods that can bring about new insights into issues related to income, deprivation and work.

This publication is intended not only for policy-makers and statisticians but also for all those concerned about the impact of economic, employment and social policies on people’s lives and about the ways in which the social dimension of Europe – including the monitoring of the EU social inclusion target — could be strengthened.

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