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Social Innovation Standing Group presented integrated service package in co-creation workshop

Jun 14, 2023 | News

The Municipality of Miskolc launched the “4IM” project in the spring of 2022, funded by the European Union, under the name of “City Initiative for Innovative and Integrated Social Services and the Development of Employment”. The Social Innovation Standing Group was set up in May by the local partners involved in the project with the scope to oversee the progress of the initiative.

In October, the Social Innovation Standing Group held a workshop in Miskolc to further refine and develop integrated service packages. Formulated by the local action groups in Bábonyiérc and Tetemvár with support from the Resource Centre, these packages contain proposals for action plans divided into services for grassroots initiatives. During this workshop, the Group presented the following action plans:

  • Employment and labour market
  • Mentoring
  • Waste Management
  • Housing
  • Community actions and events
  • Social Support

The feedback collected during the workshops allowed for the further development of some of the packages.

In the framework of the mentoring programme, the Ámbédkar School will involve grade 7-8 students from Bábonyibérc and Tetemvár in the project. This school works with vulnerable young people, aged 16 – 25, providing a dormitory, full-time vocational training and evening classes. Participants suggested having board game sessions with high school or university students and incorporating student mentoring in high school classes. The Episztémé Association, the University of Miskolc “KÖSZI” Office, and the Dialogue Association will seek the support of the headmasters for the latter, in which awareness raising will play a crucial role.

As part of the waste management package, the development of a community framework and the learning and application of composting techniques in the yards was considered useful as part of promoting environmental awareness. This suggestion was also reiterated by Gábor Simon, the representative of MIREHU, Miskolc’s waste management company. He affirmed that anyone with a waste management contract can apply for a house clearance in the two project areas of Bábonyibérc and Tetemvár, confirmed that they will help residents with recycling, and explained the “More Bins” programme in which 10 families will be selected to participate.

The employment package will be carried out in cooperation with the Miskolc Paktum Office and Kézfogás Kalaszter, EAST Job Kft. and Agromag Kft. With the help of questionnaires and in-depth interviews, participants will be helped to navigate the labour market so that they can get the best support for their needs. This scheme will make it easier for them to find and keep a job.

Our work in Miskolc continues, stay tuned for the next updates!