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Stories of migrant entrepreneurs who made it

Mar 26, 2021 | News

(26 March 2021) – The Young Migrants Capacity Building (YMCB) project, lead by AEIDL, is publishing inspiring stories of migrants and refugees who became successful entrepreneurs. They share their experiences and give a few tips to those who would like to set-up their own business.

© YMCB / Francesco Castellani

They are migrants or refugees, their names are Alia, Linda, Cyprien or Iva, they come from the Middle East, Africa, Mexico or Bosnia-Herzegovina, have settled in Belgium, Italy or Austria, but they all share the same experience: having created their own business to help them get by and integrate into their new country.

And they have managed to do so despite all kinds of difficulties, thanks to their determination, passion and, more often than not, their capacity for innovation.

All of them are involved in the YMCB project, which has created a coordinated programme of action to provide young migrants with the means to develop their own business according to entrepreneurial knowledge made accessible through a journey of education and training, mentoring, networking and access to finances.