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Territorial cooperation in the field of sustainable energy

Oct 31, 2013 | News

(31 October 2013) – Intelligent Energy Europe and INTERACT have released a first joint publication showcasing 13 cooperation projects in the field of energy.

In the 2007- 2013 period, the Intelligent Energy Europe initiative (IEE) and European Territorial Co-operation programmes (ETC) have invested nearly EUR 1.3 billion of European funds in more than 900 projects in the field of energy.

In May 2013, beneficiaries and managers from these programmes met to talk about ‘Accelerating change at local and regional level for effective delivery of sustainable energy solutions’. 67 experts from 13 programmes participated, empowered each other and promoted the results of their work.

This publication summarises the findings of the seminar, addressing the following key questions:

  • How have European funds been used to facilitate knowledge transfer between local authorities?
  • What are critical success factors in securing integrated energy/climate actions in urban and spatial planning and how can we build the capacity of planners to that extent?
  • What role do regional authorities play in empowering local actions?
  • What good practice examples exist for sustainable energy planning at regional levels across Europe?
  • What financing mechanisms are suitable for the delivery of sustainable energy actions at local and regional levels?

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