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The EU and Greece: exiting “IMF – Europe” rather than the Euro

Jul 2, 2015 | News

(02 July 2015) – According to the director of the Jacques Delors Institute, Yves Bertoncini, the Greek tragedy could become a national drama if the Greeks decide to default on their debts, or even to exit the Euro area. It would then become the tragedy of a European Union unable to end the temporary “IMF – Europe” era and to show its loyalty to its founding principles of cooperation and solidarity.

The end of the European aid programme to Greece on the 30th June and the organisation of a referendum in this country on 5th July have one point in common: they open up the prospect of ending the “IMF – Europe” era opened under the pressure of the crisis. It is necessary to come out of this on top, for three reasons:

    1. To adopt national and European measures that enable Greece to return to the financial markets.
    2. To cease relations based on accounting conditionality and revive political cooperation.
    3. To clear the accounts of the “IMF – Europe” era on the basis of shared responsibilities.

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