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The EU needs a fresh boost… Fast!

Feb 6, 2015 | News

(06 February 2015) – Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute yesterday published a declaration calling for a fresh thrust to the European construction.

The European authorities appointed in the wake of the elections in May 2014 have a historic, not to say overwhelming, task ahead of them. Faced with the pressure being brought to bear by eurosceptics and europhobes alike, it falls to them to urgently impart a fresh thrust to the European construction – a process which may be the target of greater criticism than ever before but which continues to be crucial in a world where globalisation is advancing and Europe is shrinking and growing old.

Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy, António Vitorino, Yves Bertoncini and the other participants of Notre Europe-Jacques Delors Institute’s 2014 European Steering Committee call them in their common declaration to face three main challenges:

  • Europeans looking out at the world
  • Making better use of the opportunities that the EU offers
  • The EU as an answer to threats

This declaration has been published in the European and international press by the following titles: (EU), Le Figaro (France), Handelsblatt (Germany), Huffington Post – Québec (Canada), Le Jeudi (Luxembourg), La Libre Belgique (Belgium), La Repubblica (Italy) and To Vima (Greece). It will be soon published in Publico (Portugal) and (Romania).

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