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The European Association for Innovation in Local Development is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year! 

Dec 13, 2023 | Events, News

On 15th and 16th of December, the Team, General Assembly and Board of Directors will gather to reflect on all we have achieved over the decades and our strategies to face the challenges that lay ahead. 

The AEIDL family will celebrate Christmas together on the 15th, with a variety of talks and workshops followed by dinner hosted by one of the general assembly members at Les Compagnons de Chevlipont’s CONSTRUCTORIUM, an old and vast workshop, dedicated to historical and cultural heritage awareness. 

On the 16th, AEIDL founders Michel Laine and Yves Champetier will present a retrospective on AEIDL, reflecting on our significant contributions to the promotion of social Europe, local development and the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.  

AEIDL is looking forward to welcoming Jens Wandel, former Under Secretary General of the United Nations! He will give a presentation on global perspectives on local sustainable development leadership. 

The event ends with a workshop for the implementation of AEIDL’s new strategic plan 2024-2028, which provides a pathway for continuing our good work in the years ahead. We look forward to sharing that plan with our friends and colleagues in the New Year. 

Since 1988 when it was funded, AEIDL has gone from strength to strength since it was founded in 1988 to animate a local approach to development by delivering the ELISE information and networking service for local employment initiatives. 

From setting up the LEADER Programme in its early years to our current projects on rural and urban development, migration, environment and climate, and social affairs, AEIDL has never forgotten its roots in local development, using every opportunity to advocate for a Europe built by its citizens. 

AEIDL is being joined by old friends and new, from LAGs, partner organisations and civil society organisations, such as ECOLISE, ELARD, UNITEE, LDnet, ARC, PREPARE and many others. Together we will look back at what we’ve achieved through our partnerships and associations, and most importantly how together we will tackle the challenges of tomorrow. 

Here’s to another 35 years of success and innovation!