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The European Green Deal and rural areas

May 18, 2021 | News

(18 May 2021) – The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) has published the highlights report of the 3rd meeting of the ENRD Thematic Group on the European Green Deal and Rural Areas.


The report focuses on the increased production of renewable energy as an element of the clean energy transition in rural areas and shows how CAP interventions can be used to support and upscale sustainable energy production linked to agriculture and forestry.

Different renewable energy solutions, including bioenergy, wind and solar power, as well as hybrid solutions, should allow primary producers to diversify their incomes, valorise waste and by-products of their activities, and generate further environmental or economic co-benefits. They are also linked to increased energy efficiency and decarbonising the sector.

To make the most of limited resources, CAP support could be directed towards clean energy projects that also solve other economic, environmental or social challenges besides energy production and emissions.