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The Juncker Commission: some surprises

Sep 10, 2014 | News

(10 September 2014) – Today, President-elect Juncker unveiled his team and the new shape of the next European Commission. There are a few surprises like the combination of the Environment and Maritime Affairs & Fisheries portfolios.

After the European Union has come through one of the most testing periods in its history, one of the biggest challenges, according to Mr. Juncker, will be to convince citizens that things will change.

The new European Commission will be streamlined to focus on tackling the big political challenges Europe is facing: getting people back to work in decent jobs, triggering more investment, making sure banks lend to the real economy again, creating a connected digital market, a credible foreign policy and ensuring Europe stands on its own feet when it comes to energy security.

A number of portfolios have been reshaped and streamlined. Significantly, the Environment and Maritime Affairs and Fisheries portfolios have been combined (under Karmenu Vella from Malta) to reflect the twin logic of “Blue” and “Green” Growth, according to Jean-Claude Juncker.

The same logic has been applied in deciding to establish one Commissioner in charge of both Climate Action and Energy policy (under Miguel Arias Cañete from Spain).

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