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The MAX project journey comes to an end

Feb 7, 2022 | News

(07 February 2022) – For the last 3 years, AEIDL has been collaborating with 19 other organisations to raise awareness about the advantages of diverse societies and to work for a more nuanced debate about migration in Europe.


The Maximising Migrants’ Contribution to Society project (MAX) started in February 2019 with the assumption that the integration of migrants is essential, primarily, to guarantee their human rights and community cohesion. In addition, it is proved that migration is beneficial, among other things, to boost Europe’s economic performance, address skills gaps and shortages, and fight against depopulation.

However, we can see how migration is very often understood and communicated only in terms of a crisis and how a big part of mainstream media and some politicians reinforce and amplify these messages of crisis, fear or danger.

During the last three years, MAX has tried to challenge and change negative narratives and stereotypes about migration.

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