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The most and least stressful cities

Sep 15, 2017 | News

(15 September 2017) – The industrial laundry company, Zipjet, undertook a study to find out how the most stressful cities around the world can benefit from the example of those cities least affected by stress.

© Zipjet

Zipjet examined the overall mental health of a city, and then considered all of the major stress-inducing factors, including unemployment, debt per capita, traffic, public transport, security, pollution and density. They also considered elements such as lack of sunshine hours, which has been linked to poor mental health.

To select the cities in the ranking, Zipjet studied 500 locations based on data relating to the cities themselves, pollution, finance and the citizens. Within these they analysed criteria such as traffic, security and mental health issues. This determined a ranking of 150 cities, which highlights the most and least stressful cities with available data on all factors relating to the study.

The 10 least stressful cities would be in order: Stuttgart, Luxembourg, Hanover, Berne, Munich, Bordeaux, Edinburgh, Sydney, Graz and Hamburg.

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