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The most digital entrepreneur-friendly cities in Europe

Nov 16, 2015 | News

(16 November 2015) – A new research suggests that London is the best EU city when it comes to support for digital entrepreneurs.

At the recent ICT 2015 event in Lisbon, Nesta and the European Digital Forum think tank launched the ‘European Digital City Index’, an attempt to measure capital (and a few other) EU cities against a number of criteria set by 90+ digital entrepreneurs, policy researchers and academics.

The index finds that London provides the best support for both start-ups and scale-ups. For both categories, cities like Stockholm, Amsterdam and Helsinki also understandably receive top marks.

The Index is composed of ten ‘themes’: 1) Access to Capital; 2) Entrepreneurial Culture; 3) Mentoring & Managerial Assistance; 4) Skills; 5) Business Environment; 6) Digital Infrastructure; 7) Knowledge Spillovers; 8) Market; 9) Lifestyle; 10) Non-digital Infrastructure.

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