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The narrative of a human-based system to welcome refugees from Ukraine

May 16, 2022 | News

(16 May 2022) – Participants in the 3rd EPIC webinar, held on April 13, discussed how human-based narratives and strategies should be placed at the centre of the integration of Ukrainian refugees.


United in their support of the millions of people fleeing Ukraine, citizens-led and other local initiatives, especially from neighbouring countries, have led the way in emergency solidarity actions.

However, this approach often lacks coordinated and sustainable strategies that ensure the reception of refugees from a human perspective. Also, it delegates citizens an enormous responsibility that primarily belongs to the public sector. What will happen when the goodwill of local communities is not enough to tackle the many complex issues a humanitarian crisis like this causes? Who will be held responsible at the end of the day?

Using the right terms, moving away from a help paradigm of supporting those in need but instead, giving access to the rights they are entitled to, and taking responsibility for our duties, without feeling helpless for not being able to go even beyond them, are essential to protect the dignity of others and manage expectations in a situation where most of the actors are navigating in survival mode.

The video of the webinar is available in English with subtitles in DE / EL / ES / HR / IT / PL / PT.

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