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The road to the post 2027 Common Agricultural Policy

Oct 3, 2023 | News, Opinions

AEIDL (European Association for Innovation in Local Development) takes a look at the road ahead to shape a more sustainable and innovative Common Agricultural Policy.

On 1st January 2023 the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) was launched across the EU. However, the journey towards its future shape post 2027 has already started. This policy is a key driver for sustainability and the adoption of smart solutions in agriculture and rural areas.

AEIDL is responsible for the formulation of policy recommendations across a vast range of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe research projects.

To help partners, and many other stakeholders, understand the challenges, AEIDL’s CAP Expert Blanca Casares has prepared this concise timeline of the steps ahead for the post-2027 CAP, and what are the opportunities to best influence the shaping of the future CAP.

The Common Agricultural Policy has traditionally been the largest EU policy, amounting to 1/3 of the EU Budget. €387 billion in funding for the 2021-27 period. While CAP is the main driver for the EU Green Deal, Climate Smart Agriculture and Food Security, CAP is not the only factor: other EU policies such as Internal Market (subsidies and State aid rules), Cohesion Policy (which is responsible for another 1/3 of the EU Budget) and no doubt EU Environmental policy (designation of sensitive and protected areas, waste and pollution limits) also a crucial role in achieving Climate Smart Agriculture, even if it is CAP the one that leads the way.

The present report therefore provides a summary of the genesis and development of the present CAP and the steps that will take place to prepare the post 2027 CAP.

AEIDL aims to support policy makers and implementers in the design and implementation of more sustainable and more local policy measures. In our work in the  BEATLES project we are scoping better ways for CAP to support the adoption of more sustainable and climate-smart food systems. Indeed, the present briefing is a version of the Baseline Report presented by AEIDL at the BEATLES Inception Meeting for the Work Package on EU Policy Recommendations that we lead. Other more detailed analysis will follow.

However, BEATLES (Co-creating Behavioural Change Towards Climate-Smart Food Systems) a Horizon Europe project (2022-2026) is not the only project in which AEIDL is actively engaged in identifying options for influencing the post 2027 Common Agricultural Policy. You can find an overview of our ongoing projects on Rural and Territorial Development in AEIDL website.

Looking ahead, AEIDL will organise, in the second quarter of 2024, an EU working group meeting online with EU key stakeholder to present the results so far and to discuss how the results can be extrapolated to the European level and what would be the immediate policy actions. After the first online workshop with the EU multi-actor working group, AEIDL will elaborate a first set of policy recommendations to facilitate the transition to CSA. More information on this event and how to participate in it will be provided soon.

Please find the full report here.