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The role of the CAP in creating rural jobs

Apr 28, 2016 | News

(26 April 2016) – A study for the European Parliament’s AGRI Committee analysed the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy’s role in creating rural jobs.

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Starting at the EU level, a thorough systematic literature review and a statistical analysis prepare the ground for more detailed Member Stare reviews and Case studies.

When discussing the findings the study concludes that the CAP supports the survival of small scale farms and contributes to sustain and develop rural economies. However, Pillar I payments have contradictory effects on employment and its ability in creating jobs appears to be limited.

Pillar II is effective in supporting diversification, but concrete evidences of direct effects on employment are difficult to assess due to missing systematic reporting on job creation.

A report presented today in Brussels by Socialist MEP Eric Andrieu seems nevertheless to contradict the conclusions of the study.

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