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Tools for social innovation

Jul 3, 2019 | News

(03 July 2019) – The Social Innovation Manual is an online, open resource available for innovators, intermediaries and public /private sectors to improve their skills in design for social innovation.

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Social Innovation Community (SIC)‘ was a Horizon 2020-funded project to support the large community which is growing around social innovation, by creating spaces for them to meet and synergize and tools to strengthen their efforts.

The SIC Learning Repository or Social Innovation Manual is a bottom-up tool, which was developed and tested during a process of experimentation conducted in five host centres across Europe. It provides tools that support the growth and development of social innovation starting from specific social challenges.

The Social Innovation Manual contains the following: a handbook of social innovation in which learning materials and tools can be found on how to develop social innovation; the collection of tools used during the SIC experimentation mentioned above; a list of resources outside the SIC world useful to further support learning on social innovation; and the collection of SIC case studies on social innovation, which was developed to understand the process of learning at work when starting a social innovation in different contexts.

This news item is an opportunity to mention another outcome of the Social Innovation Community project – the Social Innovation Assembly (SIA). It met for the first time on Friday 28 June. The next SIA is called for 29 November 2019, 10am to 11.30am. You can register your interest here.

Social Innovation Manual