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TOOLS4CAP Academy’s Inaugural Training Session Draws Enthusiastic Participation from 22 Countries

Jan 19, 2024 | News

On 17th January, the first Tools4CAP Academy training session concluded successfully, bringing together a diverse group of over 50 participants hailing from 22 countries.

The inaugural session focused on showcasing the online Inventory of methods and tools used for the design and monitoring of Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plans (CSP) and presenting the related deliverable.

Daniele Bertolozzi, agricultural policy researcher at Ecorys, set the stage by presenting the objectives of the project, the approach to be followed in the upcoming years, and the expected outcomes.

Blanca Casares, policy expert at AEIDL (European Association for Innovation in Local Development) then elaborated on the Capacity Building Hub, a key component of the project designed to help end users reinforce their capacity to use innovative tools. The Academy will organise 10 modules over the next three years using practical, engaging and interactive methods to promote hands-on learning around CSP design and monitoring. She also spoke about the usefulness of the website section for practical information for CSP.

Joshua Wilson, consultant at Ecorys, provided an in-depth overview of the Inventory and the tools inventoried under four categories:

  • Stakeholders needs assessment tools.
  • Policy choices supporting tools.
  • Policy analysis tools for evidence-based decisions. Monitoring and data collection tools.
  • Monitoring and data collection tools.

Work on the inventory will continue during the project, and two updates are expected, one in January 2025 and December 2026. Recently, a new feature has been added to the online inventory, allowing users to provide feedback on individual tools or on the Inventory as a whole.

Finally, the training was enriched by participatory working groups focusing on the four tool categories. In each group, participants discussed about:

  • To what extent are the inventoried tools useful for the users’ needs (CAP Strategic Plan design and CAP Strategic Plan monitoring)?
  • What are the main challenges and limitations in the use of the tools?
Future outlook

All presentations and recordings from this module are available on the event page. A Highlights report, to be published soon in English and translated into 16 languages, will provide further insights.

AEIDL, as the communication and dissemination leader of the project, is also coordinating the Tools4CAP Academy. This training series has been organised with contributions from the project partners. More modules are planned for the upcoming years.

Click here to find out all the details of this excellent training.