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Tourism: Almost 6 out of 10 persons employed are women

Dec 14, 2015 | News

(14 December 2015) – Tourism is a major employer of women in the EU. While women represented in 2014 just over a third of persons employed in the non-financial business economy, core tourism activities employed predominantly female workers.

In the European Union, tourism industries (economic activities related to tourism, but not necessarily relying on tourism only) employed just over 12 million persons, equivalent to 9% of total employment in the EU non-financial business economy in 2013.

Among them, the three industries that rely almost entirely on tourism (accommodation, travel agencies / tour operators and air transport) employed 3.3 million persons.

Compared with the non-financial business economy, in 2014 core tourism activities in the EU provided more part-time contracts (24% vs. 17% in the non-financial business economy) and less stable jobs (21% of temporary jobs vs. 14%).

They also employed a more female (58% of persons employed in core tourism activities were women vs. 36%) and younger workforce (13% of persons employed were aged 15 to 24 vs. 9%).

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