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Tourism expected to grow again in 2014

Feb 14, 2014 | News

(14 February 2014) – Tourism has been one of the strongholds of European economy during the economic crisis, and the positive trend will continue in 2014, with only11% of Europeans expect not to go away.

According to the new Eurobarometer survey published yesterday, the sector has been an engine of domestic demand-driven economic growth in 2013, with more people choosing to spend holidays outside of their own country but within the EU.

Only 11% of Europeans expect not to go away in 2014 because of the current economic situation. Four in ten Europeans plan to spend their main holiday in their own country (majority of people in Greece, Croatia, Italy and Bulgaria). A quarter plans travelling to a non-EU country (24%) but only 16% will have their main holiday outside the EU.

No substantial changes will be made to holiday plans as a result of the current economic situation. The survey also looks at what could influence holiday plans. More than half of respondents who did not go on holiday in 2013 say it was at least partially for financial reasons, and 44% considered it was the main reason.

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