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Towards a “flexible, fair and sustainable” Common Agricultural Policy?

Nov 29, 2017 | News

(29 November 2017) – “Simpler rules and a more flexible approach will ensure the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) delivers real results in supporting farmers and leads the sustainable development of EU agriculture.”

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These are the cornerstone ideas of the Communication adopted today by the European Commission on “The Future of Food and Farming”, outlining the ways to ensure that the oldest EU common policy remains future-proof.

Allowing Member States greater responsibilities to choose how and where to invest their CAP funding in order to meet “ambitious common goals on environment, climate change and sustainability is the flagship initiative.”

While keeping the current two pillar structure, the simpler, more flexible approach will set out the detailed actions to reach these objectives agreed at the EU level. Each EU country would then develop their own strategic plan – approved by the Commission – setting out how they intend to meet the objectives.

Rather than on compliance, the attention will be paid more on monitoring progress and ensure funding is focused on concrete results. “Moving from a one-size-fits-all to a tailor-made approach means the policy and its real-life implications will be closer to those who implement it on the ground.”

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