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Towards a sustainable blue economy and aquaculture?

May 17, 2021 | News

(17 May 2021) – The European Commission is proposing a new approach for a sustainable blue economy and adopted strategic guidelines for a more sustainable and competitive EU aquaculture.

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All blue economy sectors including fisheries, aquaculture, coastal tourism, maritime transport, port activities and shipbuilding will have to reduce their environmental and climate impact.

Transitioning to a sustainable blue economy requires investing in innovative technologies. Wave- and tidal energy, algae production, development of innovative fishing gear or restoration of marine ecosystems should create new green jobs and businesses in the blue economy.

As for the aquaculture sector, the guidelines propose specific actions on a number of areas, including access to space and water, human and animal health, environmental performance, climate change, animal welfare, regulatory and administrative framework, and communicating on EU aquaculture.

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