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Towards a transfer of Schengen external borders to EU authority

Dec 11, 2015 | News

(11 December 2015) – Many countries are pleading for a strengthening of EU powers over its external borders.

In the future, even if it is against it, a Member State could be imposed the intervention of the future European corps of border guards. This is the most spectacular element of the proposal that the European Commission will present next week.

The Belgian daily, Le Soir, got the outline of this device which could generate some EU states opposition. It definitely is a fundamental overhaul, a transfer of ultimate authority sovereignty over the EU’s external borders, or rather over the Schengen area.

None of the documents has been circulated yet, but on the basis of information obtained from diplomatic and several European sources, Le Soir could draw the general outline of the new system – a political and operational revolution – the Juncker Commission will propose.

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