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Traffic congestion on the rise in Europe

Aug 25, 2015 | News

(24 August 2015) – The 2014 INRIX National Traffic Scorecard Annual Report reveals that congestion levels rose in over half (53%) of European cities. As economies start to recover from the recession of 2007-2013 and employment levels begin to rise, congestion is increasing.

Overall, levels of congestion correlated with each country’s economic outlook in 2014. Nations struggling with high unemployment and low or negative economic growth in 2014 typically recorded lower levels of traffic congestion compared to the previous year.

For example, in France, unemployment levels reached an all-time high in 2014 and congestion fell by 0.5 hours throughout the country and in 13 of its major metropolitan areas with fewer people spending money on goods and services or travelling by car.

Countries with strong economic growth in 2014, such as Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and Luxembourg, all saw rises in levels of congestion.

London became Europe’s most congested city in 2014 with drivers spending 96 hours in traffic.

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