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Transport in Europe: investment, competitiveness and ecological transition

Jan 25, 2016 | News

(25 January 2016) – The Robert Schuman Foundation recently published an article on the current challenges for the transport industry in the EU.

Transport is more than just a question of mobility: it is a factor of competitiveness. Without transport, there is no trade, no movement of goods or people, no Single Market and even less the European Union.

From the beginning the European project has endeavoured to create a “European area of transport” even though reticence on the part of the Member States has often impeded this ambition. At present the revival of the European economy is dependent on a revised, renewed “European transport policy”. 

Although the European Commission has just announced the financing of over 250 projects for a total of 13.1 billion €, as part of the European Interconnection Mechanism (EIM) we might question the choice of investments in terms of environmentally friendly, competitive modes of transport.

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