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Trust and optimism are growing across the EU

May 12, 2014 | News

(12 May 2014) – According to a Special Eurobarometer survey ¬ “Europeans in 2014” ¬ published today, a majority of Europeans say that they have a positive image of the EU (34% which is +3 percentage points compared to the standard Eurobarometer released in November 2013) – compared to 26% who say they have a negative image of the EU.

There is also growing optimism with regards to the economic outlook in Europe and towards Europe’s future. Europeans in 20 out of 28 Member States say they expect the economic situation in their home country to improve in the coming twelve months.

Moreover, when asked whether the impact of the crisis on jobs has already reached its peak, 44% agree, which is a 4pp rise since the autumn 2013 survey. Challenges remain, however: Nearly half of Europeans (49%) believe that unemployment is the most important issue their country is facing at the moment.

Trust towards the EU is on the rise (32%, +1pp) and continues to be above trust towards national parliaments (27%, -2pp) and the national government (26%, +3 pp). At the same time over half of Europeans (53%) say that they are positive about the future of the EU.

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