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Two thirds of enterprises provided vocational training in 2010

Jun 11, 2013 | News

(11 June 2013) – In the EU27, two thirds (66%) of all enterprises1 with ten or more employees provided vocational training to their staff in 2010, compared with 60% in 2005.

The highest proportions of enterprises providing training were observed in Austria and Sweden (both 87%) the United Kingdom (80%), the Netherlands (79%), Belgium (78%) and France (76%), and the lowest in Poland (23%), Romania (24%), Bulgaria (31%), Latvia (40%) and Hungary (49%).

In the EU27, a slightly higher proportion of employees in large enterprises (49% of employees) do training than in medium-sized enterprises (45%) and small enterprises (46%).

As regards costs, vocational training courses accounted for 0.8% of total labour costs of all enterprises in the EU27 in 2010, varying from 0.4% in Italy, Latvia and Romania to 1.5% in France and 1.4% in Malta.

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