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United Nations Creative Economy Report: Widening local development pathways

Nov 24, 2014 | News

(24 November 2014) – Co-published by UNESCO and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the special edition of the United Nations Creative Economy Report 2013 focuses on creative economy at the local level in developing countries.

The Report confirms the creative economy as one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the world economy and a highly transformative one in terms of income generation, job creation and export earnings.

The evidence provided demonstrates how the cultural and creative industries are at the core of local creative economies in the global South and how they forge “new development pathways that encourage creativity and innovation in the pursuit of inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth and development” that the UN System Task Team on the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda exhorts the international community to take.

The results of the Report will inform international debates on the post-2015 UN development agenda and the role of culture in sustainable development. It speaks to decision-makers, demonstrating some of the key factors that make creative economy initiatives successful on the ground.

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