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URBACT study

Apr 13, 2015 | News

(13 April 2015) – The URBACT Secretariat has chosen an AEIDL-led team of experts to do a study on the “Production and implementation of Local Action Plans within URBACT networks”.

The main goal of the study is to report and share what URBACT has achieved at city level in a selection of partner cities (call 1 and call 2) and what has been the impact of their participation in the programme, i.e. what has become of their Local Action Plans (LAP) and URBACT Local Support Groups (LSG) after the end of the network activities.

The idea is to tell the story of what has happened with the implementation of the LAP as a starting point, along the various types of integrated approaches (horizontal, vertical, integration from inside, etc.), and to see whether and how the Local Support Group (LSG) dynamic has spread in other parts of city planning.

Ten cities are explored: Bialystok (Poland), Riga (Latvia), Regensburg (Germany), Napoli (Italy), Limoges (France), Köbanya (Hungary), Sabadell (Spain), Södertälje (Sweden), Glasgow (UK), Kavala (Greece).

Members of the study team are: Katalin Kolosy, Laura Colini, Fernando Barreiro, Piotr Wolkowinski, Gunita Kakteniece, Nils Scheffler, Lorenzo Tripodi, Bela Kezy, Ulf Hägglund, Philip Stein et Dimitra Siatitsa.