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Webinars: Recovery through community-led approaches

Apr 20, 2021 | News

(29 March 2021 / Updated 21 April 2021) – AEIDL is participating in the LDnet series of webinars (8, 15, 22 & 29 April 2021) on ‘Recovery through community-led approaches’. Registration is open to all.

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What can communities do to spur the recovery from Covid-19? How can local action complement governmental and EU actions? Is engaging local actors the way forward to a more sustainable future?

Following positive feedback from participants in LDnet’s 2020 series of webinars, LDnet has launched a new series of four webinars in April 2021, in partnership with the RSA, ELARD and AEIDL, on “The Contribution of Community-based Initiatives to the Covid Recovery”‘ with a focus on community-based initiatives for sustainable development.

The webinars are streamed via Zoom and follow the same format as last year: through short late afternoon/early evening sessions relying on short/sharp presentations and lively contributions from participants and discussion, to look at how the lessons from local responses and the longer-term changes in the social and economic landscape are reshaping the CLLD-type approaches to local development and post-Covid recovery.

Summaries and recordings of the completed webinars are online.

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