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What bottom-up solutions to address migrant integration?

Nov 8, 2016 | News

(08 November 2016) – Ahead of its second Summit, ‘Redesigning European Migration and Refugee Policy’ (Lisbon, 21-22 November 2016), Vision Europe has published an interesting study on bottom-up solutions to address migrant reception and integration.

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The goal of the study is to analyze the current migration/integration ‘crisis’ from a bottom-up perspective by considering three different sets of responses:

(1) public opinion perceptions of crisis;

(2) narratives and frames proposed by political groups and the media; and

(3) good practices undertaken by local authorities and civil society organizations.

Vision Europe is a consortium of think tanks and foundations – Bertelsmann Stiftung (Gütersloh), Bruegel (Brussels), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon), Chatham House (London), Compagnia di San Paolo (Turin), Jacques Delors Institute (Paris), The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra (Helsinki).

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