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Whistleblower protection: Commission sets new, EU-wide rules

Apr 23, 2018 | News

(23 April 2018) – The European Commission is proposing a new law to strengthen whistleblower protection across the EU.

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Recent scandals such as Dieselgate, Luxleaks, the Panama Papers or the ongoing Cambridge Analytica revelations show that whistleblowers can play an important role in uncovering unlawful activities that damage the public interest and the welfare of our citizens and society.

Today’s proposal will guarantee a high level of protection for whistleblowers who report breaches of EU law by setting new, EU-wide standards.

The new law will establish safe channels for reporting both within an organisation and to public authorities.

It will also protect whistleblowers against dismissal, demotion and other forms of retaliation and require national authorities to inform citizens and provide training for public authorities on how to deal with whistleblowers.

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