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‘Wikispiral’: Promoting societal progress towards well-being of all

Jun 18, 2013 | News

(18 June 2013) – The Council of Europe has a new website to equip its SPIRAL methodology.

In order to implement the bottom-up approach, the Council of Europe advocates the devising of methods to involve citizens in securing progress towards the well-being of all. The SPIRAL methodology works towards this objective and the Wikispiral website, launched in November 2012, seeks to facilitate exchanges to this end.

The aims of the Wikispiral website include: publicising the initiatives and other similar ones carried out in Europe or elsewhere; facilitating exchanges of practices and methods between the parties involved and networking; facilitating discussion geared towards the sharing of responsibilities to ensure the well-being of all.

The website contents include: a database of existing initiatives, highlighting their specific features and how they complement one another; a section presenting the method proposed by the Council of Europe for developing and using indicators of societal progress in co-operation with citizens and communities, in particular progress in well-being, with severall examples of its application; a section providing access to vademecum and computing tools for parties involved in implementing the approach at local level, as well as a forum for exchanges and networking.

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