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Wrapping up the first year of TRANSFORM

Feb 15, 2021 | News

(15 February 2021) – The end 2020 also meant the end of the first year of TRANSFORM. Looking back at 2020, we can for sure say that it was a successful year, despite challenging circumstances.


TRANSFORM was launched in the midst of the global pandemic, which in the end, accompanied us the whole year through and beyond.

The three TRANSFORM regional clusters – Lombardia, Catalonia and Brussels-Capital – have been working towards the implementation of RRI into their S3 strategies. These efforts resulted in the Report on cluster-specific societal, geographical, economic and environmental frameworks.

Regional Think Tanks (bringing together local authorities, academia, research centres, businesses) were set up and a Shared learning Action Plan was developed, outlining the mutual learning and capacity building activities among and within clusters.

In addition, TRANSFORM developed its visual identity, project website, and took part in a number of events.

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