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AEIDL stands with Ukraine

Mar 15, 2022 | Opinions

(02 March 2022) – 24 February 2022 marks a historic date: Europe is no longer at peace! The sirens keep ringing, the bombs keep falling and people are dying. Not because they are a threat to Russia’s security but because they defend the principles of self-determination, sovereignty and democracy.

Stand With Ukraine
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AEIDL expresses in the strongest possible terms our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, but also with the dissident people of Russia.

AEIDL works across Europe to stimulate local development, and humanity does not stop at the borders of the EU. We call on all our friends and colleagues to strengthen our bonds with the people of Ukraine. It is as people, with our shared interest in peace, freedom and democracy that we must come together in local solidarity actions, to oppose the death and destruction being inflicted on local communities in Ukraine.

We have produced a support, solidarity and information resource – please help any of the organisations on the resource. If you have any resources or contacts you think we should add, please send them to .

Video (at the Ukraine-Hungary border)