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European networks of territories: the contribution of ‘open’ digital technologies

Mar 28, 2019 | Opinions

(28 March 2019) – How can the development of ‘open’ digital solutions strengthen the place-based social innovation capacity and encourage the sharing of good practices and experiences between countries? Katalin Kolosy (AEIDL) and Denis Pansu (Fing) answer the question.

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Digital tools rely on local dynamics to strengthen public action in improving the quality of local services: this is particularly the case for ‘smart villages’, which offer a range of digital services to their citizens.

Other collective and ‘open’ approaches based on the capacity to spin off concrete actions can foster ecological transition. This movement is global, with continental and national differences.

Engaging in the era of open networks by investing in new forms of cooperation and pooling makes it possible to develop more equitable access to public initiatives while securing their use. More than a technological stance, this is a state of mind for building the open and diverse Europe of tomorrow.

This article was first published in French in La Tribune Fonda, n°241, March 2019.

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