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Our COVID-19 crisis

May 8, 2020 | Opinions

(06 May 2020) – Several AEIDL collaborators from different countries, cultures and nationalities recount their experiences of being in lockdown, share their thoughts on the unprecedented crisis that we are going through, and express their vision and expectations, for better or worse, for the future.

© Katalin Kolosy

We are living through a period of history worthy of a science fiction film. Who could have said in February 2020, when the media were only incidentally informing us of the shutdown taking place in Wuhan, a relatively unknown ‘small’ Chinese city of 10 million inhabitants, that the world would almost stop turning barely a month later?

The consequences of the pandemic are dramatic but some could be positive as well. What kind of recovery can we expect? A deep and endless crisis? A long austerity period, which will first hit the weakest? The return to individualism and consumerism that has been frustrated over the past few months? A euphoric and rather generous reconstruction as in 1945? A green recovery?

Modestly, AEIDL’s respondents give their thoughts on the world after coronavirus, with a certain optimism. This historic crisis is an opportunity to reinvent many things, starting with our ways of living, working, having fun, producing, consuming and creating together a sustainable and therefore better future.

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