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The agripolitan city, the cosmopolitan village

Nov 29, 2019 | Opinions

(29 November 2019) – “La ciudad agropolitana. La aldea cosmopolita” (The agripolitan city, the cosmopolitan village) is the latest book by Jaime Izquierdo Vallina, a long-time expert in rural development. Yves Champetier (AEIDL) wrote one of the book’s forewords.

La ciudad agropolitana. La aldea cosmopolita

Throughout his career, Jaime has written numerous books on urban-rural issues, nature conservation, and new perspectives for approaching rural areas.

Over the years, he has deepened his work, refined his ideas and now offers us a vast panorama of what the world of tomorrow could be and what our world should be. New rural-urban interrelationships need to be developed to meet today’s challenges, such as climate change and the alarming erosion of biodiversity.

La ciudad agropolitana. La aldea cosmopolita” is a scholarly overview, combining historical analysis, multiple intellectual references and proposals for action.

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